Nosey is the World’s first mouldable Anti-fogging nose clip produced for fabric masks. An actual concern for spectacle users in this Pandemic era is suffering from fogging issue in glasses while wearing a mask. Fortunately Atom Design Lab, an Indian Startup has come up with a unique solution for this long lasting problem. The patent protected product is a mouldable strip that can be clipped to any available fabric masks in the market by manually shaping it according to a persons nose bridge. It thus reduces the upper exhaled air leakage avoiding the fogging problem. Its tough, bio-degradable, non-toxic, re-usable and re-shapeable. Nosey clips are thin strips that have strong and durable characteristics, manufactured out of a biodegradable plastic which melts when reacts with hot water. Works with every available fabric masks in the market. Its instant, easy to shape and cools quickly. Melting point in water ranges from 58-60°C. 100% non-toxic, eco friendly, washable and non brittle. Can be re-shaped as long as the fabric mask is washed & reused.

HOW TO USE Step 1: Take a glass of hot water and dip the nosey strip attached with the butter paper in it until it gets flexible from both ends. Step 2: Take out the wet flexible strip and clip it to the central upper edge of your mask. Step 3: After clipping it wear your mask and shape the strip according to your nose bridge. After the shaping remove the butter paper and leave it for drying for atleast 5 minutes. There you go!!! Your tough and durable nosey clip is ready. If the shape flattens due to random usage or washing, repeat “Step 1” by dipping the clipped edge of the mask in a glass of hot water and continue with “Step 3”.

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